Thursday, November 10, 2016

2016 Update

This year has been a blur. I can't believe November is already a third of the way over. I haven't gotten to do as much quilting as I would like. School has consumed my time as well as dating, which is a new problem for me that I'm still trying to figure out. I have gotten a few projects done though.

 Receiving blankets are the ticket for friends and family who live far away. The top two are for my cousin Emma who is having a baby this month. I would have made her a quilt, but the baby shower caught me off guard and I didn't have time. The four on the bottom were for my cousin, some good friends from my YSA ward who got married and moved to California, a mission friend and one of my best friends from Jr. High.
This one was for my mission friend Pam. She loves Winnie the Pooh so when I saw the fabric I just knew I had to make her something with it.

I've been working on a few other projects. Not sure what I'll actually get done by the end of the year but I'm glad I was able to get these out to friends and family to let them know I love them and their new little additions.

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