Monday, June 26, 2017

Slowly but surely

I've been working on quilt tops, slowly but surely. I've got quite a few that are ready to go or just a border away from being ready. I'm hoping to get a bunch ready and then when I have breaks from teaching school I can go home and get them all quilted.
This was a quick and easy one. I got the pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co. and I also got the jelly roll from them. I used a gift card my friend Nick gave me for Christmas. I think it's a Robert Kaufman line.  I debated between black and white and I'm glad I went with the black. I think it really makes the colors pop. It was so fast, I think I'll probably do another one since I'm trying to do quilts for all the girls on my mom's side. Well, almost all the girls.

Long Arm

My brother is getting married in just over a week.
 I got started early on his quilt, but then struggled to find a long arm machine I could use, since my regular go-to lady is on a mission in Washington D.C. so I decided to buy one. Kind of impulsive and a huge purchase, but I did it. My sister's sister-in-law helped me put the frame together and a couple weeks ago I actually got to test it out.

 Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish quilting Kevin's quilt so it won't be done for his wedding.

Row by Row

Row by row just started again for this year and much to my dismay, out of two years of collecting Row by Row's I've only managed to make one pattern.

Matchy matchy

I made matching quilts for all my siblings. Same pattern, different fabric. The pattern was actually from a baby quilting book so my mom did the math to make it bigger. You can see their quilts here. She didn't quite do it correctly and I ended up with 6 extra blocks in the end. I decided to hang onto them and make baby quilts out of them when my siblings had babies. My sister had a baby 3 weeks ago and here is the quilt I made for her.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

One for 2017

I started this one in plenty of time to get it done before this little cutie was born at the end of July, but then life happened and it didn't get done. And then it was going to be done for Christmas and then there was more life and it still didn't happen, but when I planned a trip to visit baby cakes and her family for President's Day, I knew I had to get it done.  I finished it! And it turned out so cute and Katie even remembered the significance of the blueberries. Hopefully there are a few more to follow soon. I've got to get going on one for my brother and soon to be sister-in-law for their wedding in July, as well as one for my baby niece coming at the end of May. Hopefully life will slow down a little at the end of March and give me some good sewing time. I'll keep my fingers crossed but won't hold my breathe.