Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Trunk show

I get emails from about a million quilting sites. And I love it. The other day I got this gem talking about an online quilt trunk show. I LOVE seeing other people's quilts so I thought I'd participate as well.

This one is very dear to me. I turned 30 this year and as my big hurrah I asked my friends and family to send me a fat quarter. Out of the fabric I was given I made this quilt. My mom helped me long ago figure out the measurements for the blocks from a picture I had seen and it went together so quickly. I used a tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co for the binding and quilted this on my sewing machine. It's so fun to look at all the fabric and think about the people who gave it to me. Love it!!

Take a look at the other quilts in the quilt show at


  1. Oh I do love Scrappy quilts! How nice that everyone sent you fabric for your B-day quilt, I must try that request on my next B-day! cheers!

  2. Your quilts are bursting with bright and happy colours. What a great idea to have people you love gift you fabrics so that you can stitch a quilt! This quilt will be rather akin to a huge hug from all who love would foster so many memories.

  3. Delightful scrappy quilts!! I love scrappy. Great fabrics in your Birthday quilt. thanks for posting

  4. These are such colourful quilts! I think it's a great idea you had for your birthday quilt ... if I did that half the people wouldn't know what a fat quarter was ;) I also read back a few posts and just love the baby quilt you finished up for your very good friend. It's a perfectly sweet gift for a new baby.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. Pretty, colourful, happy quilts. Love the idea of collecting fat quarter from friends and family :)


  6. What fun scrappy quilts! I love all of the different fabrics.