Thursday, December 18, 2014

Where did the year go?

Here it is the 18th of December and I'm just wondering where the year went? What did I accomplish? I actually feel like I accomplished a lot but maybe not so much in the sewing department although this month has been very productive with trying to get Christmas gifts done.
I sent this receiving blanket to a sister from my mission who lives in Spain.

This one turned out so much better than I was expecting. Simple is the way to go sometimes. I gave this to an old roommate who had a baby at the beginning of July.
My friend Lucy had her second baby. They live far away in Wisconsin, but it was fun to finish this one off and send it to her.
This is the cause of my little sleep last night. I got home late from work and had to finish this so I can put it in the mail today so it will make it to Florida by Christmas. It turned out well, but you always have problems when you're trying to get something done in a hurry.
I LOVE how this one turned out. Can't go wrong with Ninja Turtles. I sent this to my friend in Chicago for Christmas along with a Book of Mormon. Two great things in one package.
I made aprons for my friend Katie's three girls. It's not the greatest picture, but they turned out well and weren't too difficult. Just taking time as all things do.
This year I had the genius idea for all the girls on my mom's side of the family to make a quilt square and then I would put them all together to make a quilt for Grandma. Maybe if people had actually gotten me their squares by Thanksgiving like I asked and if I didn't have second job right now, that quilt would have actually happened. This is the square that I made (two days after Thanksgiving). It's looking like I'll give her a present of squares and maybe get the quilt done for Mother's Day. I have 6 squares. I think two are in the mail. One said she wasn't making one, the other hasn't ever responded. Maybe since I'll have more time, they can get me their squares.   

I also made a quilt way back in January, but this is about the whole of my crafting this year. I think I'll make the resolution to finish a quilt a month like I did a couple years ago. There are a few in various stages of completion.

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