Monday, June 9, 2014


So here it is June and I haven't posted anything in FOREVER. I actually have finished a couple quilts (at least one that I can think of right this second) I just haven't posted any pictures. June has already stressed me out and I'm only a week in. If people would just stop getting married and having babies I'd have 4 seconds to breath.
I made these two for a couple weddings I went to this weekend. Just a simple table runner. They turned out shorter than I would have liked, but they still turned out really cute!! I gave them a cook book as well. I went to another wedding this weekend, but since she lives in Utah she'll get hers later. Prioritizing was my only option to ensure sanity.

My friend Camille had a baby about a month ago so I was also frantically working on this one to get it done in time for me to go to Idaho for the weddings. I LOVE how the back turned out. So bright and colorful.

Hopefully I can get ahead of the game here soon and have these things done and on hand instead of having to get up at 5:30 in the morning to finish them. Also my sewing machine does NOT like size 70 needles. I broke 4 needles in two days. All of them were 70's. I went and bought some new ones, put an 80 on there and haven't had any problems. Knock on wood.

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