Thursday, March 24, 2011

Babies, babies everywhere

So I feel like everyone I know that can be pregnant is. Or actually now they aren't because they've since had their babies, but I feel like I've just been going, going, going to try and get some done so I have them on hand. The one above is for Camille's little baby as is the receiving blanket with Elsie on it. Jane is the daughter of my friend Lucy.
I've always wanted a stack of quilts that I made. I don't know why. Only two of the ones in this stack are actually finished. The others still need to be bound. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum I've had for the last two weeks and get a couple more tops ready and then plan a trip out to Wyoming. Especially since Aubrey won't be teaching out there anymore. Gotta get it all in while I can.

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