Thursday, January 6, 2011


This one I started with the intent of giving it to my cousin who has a thing for frogs and just had a baby, but then my roommate gave me about 4 seconds notice that she needed something for her friend. I finished it in record time. The binding isn't what I would have liked. I had to go to the neighbors house and use their table to sew on since we were in the process of moving and didn't have a table anymore. Needless to say it was a headache and next time I'm just going to tell whoever too bad. I need more time.

This one was for my friend who came to visit with her ADORABLE baby. I made it in a day and sadly she had already left town when I went to give it to her, so I still have it.

I made this one for an auction we had in my ward for our Sub-for Santa. It was kind of busy but I thought it was still fun.

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