Tuesday, April 17, 2012


On my list of quilts I'd like to make is a Chevron Quilt. I think they are ADORABLE and I don't think they look too difficult. There is a big debate going on in my head. It goes something like this. side 1 "Don't start a new project you have 15 that aren't finished" side 2 "BUT THEY'RE SO CUTE AND EASY YOU'D TOTALLY FINISH IT!!"

I have a feeling a happy medium can be found. Maybe I'll make a deal with myself. Finish 2 (putting me a head for my one a month) and then you can start a new one.
I'm really in a go through all my fabric mood. I guess it's better than a "let's go to the fabric store" mood.
This week is looking very open maybe I'll get stuff done. Run and quilt. Sounds like great Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night plans.

Here are the two Chevrons I just love. Which to do first . . .

I love the colors in this one here and it's very summery

And this one is very . . . peaceful?

p.s. remember how I was never really engaged and it was just an April Fool's joke? I remember that. :)

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